Integrative Sports Recovery and Enhancement with PULSE TCM, PULSE⁺ ALLIED HEALTH & BIXEPS.


A 3-in-1 sports recovery programme (first in the market!) that incorporates advanced technology from QuantumTX, time-tested Eastern techniques, and Western-based sports nutrition for a well-rounded and personalised approach to help you achieve your sports recovery and performance enhancement goals.



All 3 components work to reduce duration of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), speed up muscle recovery, reduce pain & fatigue, and improve training outcomes.

A patent technology by Singapore’s NUS and Switzerland’s ETH Zurich




Our TCM physicians and dietitians work together to come up with a treatment plan that is uniquely yours and complements the BIXEPS sessions; to ensure that you receive the best recovery and enhancement in your sports journey with us.


Athletes and active individuals who are looking to speed up their muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and improve performance. Complement your sports enhancement and recovery journey in a holistic and non-invasive way that is backed by research.



"During my spine surgery, there were complications which resulted in a severe nerve spinal cord injury. This caused the loss of control and strength in my entire right leg. I came across BIXEPS about 2½ years ago. In the beginning, the gains I received after every session was exponential. The pain is so much more manageable. Today I'm more than standing - I'm walking!"
Jeanne Tay
Travelling Enthusiast, Competitive Dancer
"I could not get my strength to return no matter what I tried, which was very frustrating. So I was hoping that BIXEPS would be able to break this barrier that I had been facing. I have 2 torn ACLs. However, even with reconstruction and rehabilitation, there were still weak spots in my knees. With BIXEPS, my agility has improved and my footwork is getting back to normal."
Bernard Cheong
Avid badminton player
"I am generally a very active person. I play competitive tennis, golf, cycling and, most recently, pickleball. This eventually caused a lot of swelling on both knees. After 6-7 sessions of BIXEPS, all the swelling was gone. Now, I do not need to wear my knee guards to play, and I can bend both knees without any discomfort."
Foo Pin
"Before using BIXEPS, I found it harder to recover. After using BIXEPS, my power outputs are a lot better, and my legs don't feel heavy as I unclip after a hard ride. There are definitely improvements in my endurance as well. I felt the difference after the third or fourth week of BIXEPS. It feels so much ea sier [to cycle] and my heart rate is lower as well."
Darren Lim
National Cyclist

Speedy Sports Recovery in 123!

Experiencing sore muscles for a day or two after an intensive workout or vigorous exercise is common, especially if you are increasing your exercise intensity or starting on a new sport or exercise.


Trial @ $150

BIXEPS Trial (10mins) + 1 TCM Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment + 1 Dietitian Trial (30mins) 

Quote PULSExBIXEPS when you book the appointment with us.


For the complete PULSE x BIXEPS Sports Recovery & Enhancement programme, it will be $1200. It includes:
  • 10+2 BIXEPS sessions
  • 6 TCM Consultation & Acupuncture sessions
  • 2 Dietitian sessions (full)
Experience the trial of all 3 components of the programme at $150, which consists of:
  • 1 BIXEPS session (10mins)
  • 1 TCM Consultation & Acupuncture Treatment
  • 1 Dietitian Trial (30mins)
You may book your appointment for the trial here and quote “PULSExBIXEPS Trial”.
Our PULSE x BIXEPS Sports Recovery & Enhancement Programme boosts the results of your sports journey with the use of the BIXEPS machine to activate your muscles safely and efficiently. This muscle activation helps to speed up recovery, reduce fatigue, improve training outcomes, enhance exercise capacity, and slow down deconditioning during injuries.
Two full dietitian sessions are also included to support your training needs which will help you to perform optimally and facilitate recovery. Sports nutrition is not just reserved for elite athletes and marathon runners – anyone keen to understand and elevate their fitness can benefit from sports nutrition.
Yes, you can keep the programme flexible, but we recommend that you go for the BIXEPS session once a week, and consult our physician for the TCM treatment after the BIXEPS session. The TCM physician will advise you on the frequency plan that best suits your condition and needs. You may book for the dietitian session any time after seeing the TCM physician. 
You may also discuss with our physician and dietitian on a plan that best suits your schedule and needs.
BIXEPS is currently available at PULSE @ Camden Medical and Paragon, with more upcoming clinics to include the machine.
Our Sports Nutrition services are available at PULSE @ Camden Medical, Great World City, Paragon, and Suntec City.
Our TCM services are available at all clinics.
BIXEPS uses a patented technology, Muscle Magnetic Mitohormesis Therapy; magnetic mitohormesis that safely and gently activates your muscles and enhances muscle recovery. The activated muscles also release myokines into the blood that exerts broad systemic effects, some include improving bodily functions like metabolism, regeneration and reducing inflammation.
You may read more on the technology of BIXEPS here
Yes you can, but you will only reap the benefits of just BIXEPS alone. On its own, each component in the PULSE x BIXEPS Sports Recovery programme (BIXEPS, TCM, Dietitian) has a proven track record in improving sports recovery. We highly recommend the full programme as it is the first to incorporate all 3 components for a holistic and integrative sports recovery that helps you achieve the best results.
Each BIXEPS session lasts for 10 minutes. Based on scientific research, 10 minutes of exposure to BIXEPS fields yields optimal benefits. Shorter or longer exposures to the fields have been shown to render less mitochondria activity and therefore have less of an effect.
No, the fields are designed to safely and gently reach deep into your muscles to activate the mitochondria within cells. These fields are not affected by clothing and shoes.
Yes. Do bring along the current diet regimen from your personal trainer, and allow the dietitian to assess if it is suitable for your training schedule and nutrition needs.
An accredited sports dietitian is very different from a personal trainer. Sports dietitians are accredited dietitians that have received additional training and are specialised in nutrition for sports and physical activity. This is really important as the body processes and uses the nutrition obtained from food and supplements differently when it is physically active. Every individual is different and requires different nutritional recommendations that a sports dietitian is able to assess and determine on the best sports nutrition plan tailored to your needs.